How to become an excellent online reader

The old excuse is always; who’s got the time. And even if you had the time, your eyes are far too tired to bother. But then again, your eyes are not tired enough to watch TV for the next few hours after you’ve had your dinner. Funny thing this, you do, however, manage to squeeze in a few minutes here and there while traveling two and from work every day. Many of you now have smart mobile phones or handy bag-sized tablets which you can look at while traveling on the bus or train.

You are also easily distracted by all the surrounding noise and your eyes are not at the optician’s recommended metric distance from page, if you will. It is also fair to say that your eyes have taken a lot of wear and tear during the day because most of you today spend at least six to seven hours in front of a glaringly bright monitor. Dimming it makes no difference; your eyes still get tired. But here is the first step towards helping you to cope better with your extra mural reading.

Go to a registered and qualified ophthalmologist. A full eye exam will be given and if you’ve never worn glasses before, be prepared to do so now. It is not so much that you could be blind as a bat, no, your eyes are still pretty much normal. It’s just that a prescription pair of glasses helps your eyes to cope with its extra work load. You will find that you will be able to take in far more material and even you won’t be feeling so tired anymore.

Finally, take your eyes off of the screen every half hour or so. Don’t read for longer than two or three hours at a time.